Players in Apex Legends do not have access to all characters by default. Players are initially presented with six characters. Other characters should be unlocked via donation or in-game currency, as in League of Legends (which is interesting because in both games playable characters are called legends).

And if there's no doubt with the first method, there's still a bit of confusion with the second method, regarding how this game currency can be earned. In this article, we are helping with how to gain legend tokens faster and unlock characters.

Apex Legends In-Game Currency​

You need to understand how in-game currency works before you can unlock a character. The fact is that all new Legends can be purchased; however, this does not require any money. The currency used in Apex is as follows:

Precious metals - These are required to purchase cosmetic items (weapon skins, banners, etc.). They are available in packs.
Legend Tokens - To unlock characters and purchase legendaries, you'll need these tokens. They are earned by leveling up.
Apex Coins - Packs, characters, and legendary skins can be purchased with these donation currencies. They can be purchased with real money.

How to obtain Legend Tokens​

The first pack of tokens will be awarded to you once you reach level 4. Every time you reach a new level, you'll receive 600 virtual money units. The new character will cost 12 thousand dollars, and even though that might seem impressive, it is still just a drop in the bucket.

It is easy to calculate that the first "additional" legend can be acquired only at level 23 and the second one at level 40. However, you can only achieve this if you resist the temptation of purchasing "cosmetics" for an already popular hero.

How to Gain XP in Apex Legends​

Here is a list of the best ways to earn coins. For now, we'll ignore the fact that the local battle pass provides a small experience bonus - after all, not everyone is willing to contribute.

1. Play well and Win Matches
At first, it may seem mocking, especially given the context. However, for such heroics, XP will provide a decent reward. You'll get 300 points if your squad makes it into the top five and 900 points if you win.

2. Strive to Survive
However, this task is already a little easier. As long as you're alive, you earn 3 XP every second. Taking your time and waiting for the rest of the squads to kill each other is the best scoring strategy if you are not sure of your combat talents.

Play with your friends​

If you are playing in a squad with your friends, the game will award you with (although not the best) a bonus to your survival experience:
  • 5% for one friend in the squad;
  • 10% for two friends in the squad.
The time will not be saved much, but it's better than nothing. After all, the number of things one can learn from survival is in the thousands.
Additionally, the entire squad gains some experience of helping teammates:
  • For each successful resuscitation, earn 25 XP;
  • For every respawn, earn 200 XP.

Achieve as many kills as possible​

In general, the higher the number on your kill count and the higher your damage indicators, the more "XP" the game will give you:
  • 50 XP for each kill;
  • Each time a unit of damage is dealt to an opponent, 0.25 XP is awarded.