Dota 2’s reputation as one of the leading MOBAs has earned this game a lot of attention. Unfortunately, not many new players can easily adapt to this game. The reason is, the mechanics of the many heroes in it and the pattern of the Dota 2 game are arguably not easy to master in a short time.

Actually, there are many choices of Hero in Dota 2 that are suitable for use by beginners. Moreover, there are many heroes who have simple mechanics. Here, we want to share a list of heroes that can be used by those who are just starting out in Dota 2.
Dota 2 - 5 Beginner Friendly Heroes, Suitable For Those Who Want To Learn.png

1. Dragon Knight​

Not without a reason why Dragon Knight is the main character in the animated film Dota: Dragon's Blood. This is a hero who appeared in the early development of Dota 2.

Using Dragon Knight is also very easy, you only need to control two active abilities, (one for stun and one for area damage) and one passive and Ultimate ability that turns it into a dragon. It's natural that Dragon Knight is one of the heroes that you can use in Tutorial mode.

2. Luna​

Another character that makes an appearance in the anime Dota: Dragon's Blood is Luna Moonfang. This character is also one of the icons in Tutorial mode. Its use is quite simple, Luna only has two passive abilities and the ability of Lucent Beam which she can issue one by one or in a row through her Ultimate Eclipse.

Luna is a very beginner-friendly Carry option. Her passive makes this Hero able to get additional damage and farming very easily. Therefore, those of you who want to try to be Carry in Dota 2 must first master this character.

3. Lina​

Being one of the midlaners who are often used in competitions makes Lina very popular. This character is one of the oldest Champions in Dota 2. Despite having three active abilities, its use is quite easy where you can trap stun in an area or sweep enemies and deal enormous damage with his Ultimate named Laguna Blade.

Lina is suitable for use by beginners who can practice issuing skills with precision. This character is a mainstay for midlane users who want to be able to excel more easily than their opponents, it is guaranteed that your opponents will be destroyed instantly after you touch level 6 and get the Ultimate.

4. Earthshaker​

As a Support/Offlaner, Earthshaker is a very powerful Hero. Moreover, his active ability has an important role in doing stun for a long enough duration. The area impact of his Fissure and Echo Slam is huge and makes him important for every teamfight.

Actually, using Earthshaker requires high mechanics, especially to adjust the direction of the Fissure or the timing of the Echo Slam. For that, those of you who want to practice mechanics are very obliged to try this Hero.

5. Drow Rangers​

If you want to use Carry in Dota 2 which is very easy to master, then Drow Ranger is the answer. This character has two passive abilities including Ultimate which only makes him stronger. In this way, you can use Drow Rangers easily, without learning complicated mechanics.

His two active abilities only change his arrow shots with a slow effect while Gust serves to do silent. This hero is suitable for use if you want to master the playing phase very relaxed.


So, those were some Dota 2 Heroes that are suitable for beginners. For that, for those of you who want to start playing in this game, you really have to try these five heroes. If you've tried it, just share the impression in the comments below, OK! Continue to follow other game tips only at RivalGaming.