It's no secret that due to the high popularity of the game, it often lags, and the Apex Legends servers throw players into the menu. Problems connecting to Apex Legends servers are most often related to crashes or planned work on them.

Disconnections from the servers of the game also happen quite often. The stability problems of Apex Legends are known to all players and they are still not resolved by the developers. This article will help players to fix server lags in Apex Legends.

Lags and Freezes During the Game​

If Apex Legends lags during a match, various red icons will be displayed in the upper right corner. Let's figure out what each of them means.
  • Latency
The speedometer icon indicates a delay in the exchange of data with the server. This icon may appear if you are playing on a server that is physically far from you and for this reason, there are delays. If the icon appears occasionally, then most likely you have problems with the Internet.
  • Packet loss
The icon in the form of red squares indicates that the data is not fully transferred to the server or vice versa. With such lags, the player teleports around the map, hits on enemies are not recorded, etc. The problem again lies in poor Internet connection.
  • Congestion
The forking line icon with dots appears when the server is overloaded or the game has technical problems. If this icon appears, it is worth changing the server or, if it does not help, postpones the game for another time until the problems are fixed.
  • Prediction error
The dotted line icon indicates server-side issues that you cannot do anything about. The game cannot predict the movements of the players.

Apex Legends Server Problems​

In half of the cases, freezes and lags are caused by the Apex Legends servers. Due to a large number of players, they simply cannot cope. In such a situation, you need to try changing the server. After loading the game, before entering the lobby, press Tab and select the server with the lowest ping.

If you are disconnected from the match, prevented from starting a match, or thrown into the menu, then you should check the status of the Apex Legends servers.

Apex Legends Server Status​

If you encounter a similar problem, the first thing to do is to check the status of the Apex Legends servers on the game's official website in the Help section. This is very easy to do. After following the link, select Apex Legends in the top menu under "Games". The page will reload and a green "Server Status" button will appear in the upper right corner. Click on this button to open a block with information about the status of servers.

A separate server is displayed for different gaming platforms, PC, PlayStation and Xbox. There is an arrow to the right of the server name that shows the current state of the Apex Legends server. If the arrow is green and looks up, then the server is operating normally, if the arrow is of a different color or looks in the other direction, then work is underway on the server or it has crashed.

How to change Apex Legends server​

Go into the game and wait 90 seconds. Then click the Ecs button and you will see a list of servers available for connection. The servers are sorted based on the amount of ping to your computer. Select the first or second server from the top, if the game lags or freezes during the battle.