Season 23 has come! It's time for the star warriors to push rank again after the reset back to Epic. In order to rank up faster, you need to know which heroes are overpowered and of course, you can see the following article to find out the list.

Overall, the selection of heroes in Season 23 of Mobile Legends is more varied because there are many Hero options that you can use in matches. Moreover, in the pro scene, there are also many choices of meta heroes that will increase your winning percentage in the Land of Dawn.

Mobile Legends - 5 Most Overpowered Heroes to Push Rank Season 23.png

1. Valentina​

Her presence in the Land of Dawn really made a commotion. Her ability to imitate the opponent's skills becomes a frightening specter when used by pro users. This Hero Mage has proven to be overpowered because he has subscribed to a ban. The players seemed to be horrified by the karma if their ultimate was stolen by Valentina.

Not only are those, but the first and second skill combos are also no less scary. The magic damage resulting from this skill can drain the enemy's blood. Especially when combined with the first skill. No doubt Valentina is the most wanted Hero in Mobile Legends at this time. Her abilities are indeed terrible for just a Hero Mage.

2. Beatrix​

Clint was scary, but Beatrix could be even more terrifying when used by a skilled person. The ability of this Hero to change weapons is very capable to be adapted to the battlefield. Therefore, people are scared to meet him on the lane, because Beatrix is a typical early game Marksman who has big damage even though he has been nerfed.

Overall, Beatrix's specifications are indeed very supportive of barbarian players. Can get in and out of battle with ease, clear Minnion quickly, have dash skills, and of course, Beatrix's great damage does match the typical aggressive gold laner.

3. Nathan​

Even though it was nerfed, Nathan's capacity was not significantly affected. The damage is still large even though the path is a bit slow. Of course, this made Nathan still be effective in the match. In terms of attack, Nathan is still feared by players.

The stack obtained from Nathan's passive is the main strength of the Hero Marksman; especially if it is combined with the other skill that has a high penetration effect. This made Nathan a trouble for the players when he was released in the ban and pick phase.

4. Roger​

For the choice of Hero core, Roger is quite capable in all conditions. Its abilities can be adjusted from the early game to the late game depending on what build you use. Besides that, Roger's specification that makes him an amazing jungler is the transformation effect. When it turns into a wolf, its damage and attack speed increase.

The skill changes have also made this Hero more capable of one-on-one or team fights. Speed for farming in the forest is also Roger's advantage over other cores. Therefore, in Season 23, we recommend using Roger as a jungler.

5. Edith​

This new hero turns out to have more potential than our expectations. Edith is the first Hero Tank/Marksman to be present in the Land of Dawn, thus making her specifications quite unique. Edith's attack mode changes can increase her effectiveness in matches.

In addition, Edith has crowd control which is useful during team fights. Moreover, his ability to throw enemies back can also be used when ganking. Overall, Edith is also quite flexible when it comes to roles. He can be used as a roamer or offlaner. These two positions can be very effective for Edith and make her powerful in the match.


For push rank in Season 23 of Mobile Legends, these 5 heroes are the best. Their abilities are highly adaptable to the gameplay of the majority of players. Moreover, they can also be very effective in all phases from the early to the late game.