Valorant Map Ascent: the five agents you can use to win!

You can choose from several maps in the FPS game, Valorant. In addition, you have the option to choose an Agent with a particular skill based on the map. In fact, every map has its own features. Because of this, some existing Agents are suitable for play on certain maps.

The purpose of this article is to discuss the best Valorant Agents for map Ascent. Although this map has a simple layout, you could say it is the easiest, but it shouldn't be underestimated because some Agents are considered effective on it. Below is a list of the suitable agents to play the Ascent map!

5 Best Agents to Use on Map Ascent.png

1. Jett​

He is an Agent of Duelist type who tends to move very quickly and soar into the air for a short time period. Ascent map gives Jett an advantage thanks to his abilities. Jett's abilities will allow him to become a competent Duelist in Ascent.

With this map, Jett has an advantage because Ascent has a longer and wider field of view, especially in the middle. It is critical to master this area, and Jett can control it with his dash ability. He is also capable of quickly rotating in this area when necessary.

2. Killjoy​

A Sentinel-type agent, Killjoy is capable of placing traps and detecting approaching enemies. When played on the Ascent map, this ability will make him a valuable Agent. In addition, this agent is able to adapt to the team's plans when attacking or defending.

In terms of profitability, Map Ascent is good for Killjoy. As a Sentinel, Killjoy will have a more potent setup than Cypher or other Sentinels. Killjoy has been able to take advantage of some favorable corners so far in Ascent.

3. Omen​

Omen plays the part of a controller and can move to positions that provide an advantage for his team because they are on the blind side of the enemy. He can take out the enemy when they are unaware of his presence, giving his team a chance to secure the area. His smoke ability is also one of the best in Valorant.

In the Ascent map, Omen will benefit from his abilities. Ascent will be profitable for Omen considering the lineups owned. Omen has control over the mid area, which is a critical area in Ascent. Additionally, Omen can grant control over sites A and B. In addition, Omen has a blind power known as Paranoia, which is useful in a variety of situations.

4. Breach​

Because of the stuns and blinds that are issued, the breach ability can make it hard for enemies to see you. There would be chaos if skills from Breach such as Flashpoint, Fault Line, and Rolling Thunder were issued. These skills would certainly be of benefit on a variety of maps.

When paired with Jett, Breach will be a very good match. Taking advantage of Jett's speed combined with Breach's blinding ability will result in a duet that is very effective when attacking the enemy. Breach is not only trustworthy when attacking, but is also reliable when defending.

5. Sova​

As an initiator, Sova is capable of detecting enemies as soon as the game starts. This agent has the ability to detect enemies using Recon Bolts, as well as the ability to use Owl Drones for seeing the scene. Along with these two abilities, Hunter's Bow and Shock Bolt do decent damage as well.

As a result of his many abilities, Sova is very suitable for use on the Ascent map. He will be able to benefit from the many high walls on the map. Nevertheless, this is an agent that can be used on various maps in Valorant. The experiments can be done on different maps since he has a high level of skill effectiveness.