To maximize your strategy as defenders and attackers in the Haven Valorant map, you need to know the best spot to put smoke!

When playing in Valorant, you will enter a map that has its own uniqueness and characteristics. So far, there are seven maps that you can play in Valorant. In this article, we will analyze the Haven map and which spots are best to put smoke.

In this map, there are 3 sites where enemies can appear from anywhere. However, we have tips for placing the smoke which is quite crucial. Of course, you have to know which points are profitable if Smoke is blocked so that the enemy can't easily enter the location where Spike is installed.

Best Smoke Spots for Map Haven Valorant​

Valorant - 6 Best Spots to put Smoke on Map Haven.png

1. Site A (Attackers)​

When you attack Site A there will be many dangerous places if you enter without careful planning. This risk can be minimized by placing the smoke correctly and on target. There are at least three points that you need to smoke when you become an attacker and go to site A.

The first place is the heaven section which is a high place and has windows. After that is a place called hell which is the bottom of heaven. Lastly is the hallway from the Defenders Spawn direction. This placement will benefit you if you want to attack site A.

2. Site A (Defenders)​

When you become defenders, there are at least two places that you must smoke to keep Attackers from attacking Site A. The two places are the entrance of A Ramp or A Long and A Short. Both of these places are entry points for attackers if they want to attack site A.

In addition to these two places, you can also divert the smoke you have and place it in lobby A. This will force the enemy to enter through A Short and you can wait for their arrival with full preparation.

3. Site B (Attackers)​

Site B is located in the middle of the Haven map and this place can be very easy to penetrate if you place the smoke correctly. The best place for you to put smoke is on the way from the garage and Site A. Putting smoke on these places will make you safe from the attack of the enemy on both sides.

In addition to these two places, you can also smoke to the back if there are friends who can do that. The back is sometimes often a place for the enemy to hide. When the place is exposed to smoke, the enemy hiding will not have a good enough view.

4. Site B (Defenders)​

When you become defenders and choose to defend Site B, you need at least two smokes. The first smoke is used in the Window section which is often used by the enemy to check the situation at Site B.

After that, you can do Smoke at the entrance to Site B. The point is to slow down the enemy when they want to attack the site.

5. Site C (Attackers)​

When you decide to attack Site C, there are at least two to three places for you to block with smoke. The place is the driveway from the garage and the driveway from the B/Garage.

In addition to those two places, there are also other alternative places such as plates and logs. Use your instincts when placing the smoke and learn where the enemy is usually located.

6. Site C (Defenders)​

When you defend Site C there will be two places where your smoke should be placed. The first place is the entrance of the long and the second is the entrance of the garage.

Both of these places are places where the enemy will come to attack site C. You need to know the condition of the garage whether it has been penetrated or not and stay alert for attacks from long.