The special abilities of Valorant Agents are fairly easy to master, but can be very deadly when combined with other Agent skills!

Valorant is now a tactical FPS game played by many people in the world. The varied gameplay makes this game made by Riot Games more interesting than other games of the genre. Especially if we talk about Agents, each of which has special abilities.

Like the Hero in the MOBA game, each Agent has a skill that is characteristic. His abilities are not only individual but can also be synergized with the abilities of other Agents so that they can produce very deadly combinations.

Now we will give you the easiest skill combo, but very effective for beginners. Let's see!
Valorant - These are the Easiest Combo Skill for Beginners.png

1. Sage + Brimstone​

The combination of skills between Brimstone and Sage is certainly very familiar and is considered quite easy to use for beginners. Through good cooperation, Sage and Brimstone can make trouble for the enemy in tight spaces or when they are planting bombs.

The abilities of these two agents will be useful if you combine them with the right timing. Brimstone has skills in the form of Incendiary and Orbital Strike which can damage players in a fairly large area.

This skill will be deadly when combined with the Slow Orb ability of the Sage which gives a slow effect to the enemy. The combination of skills from Brimstone and Sage can repulse the enemy or even cause quite a lot of casualties.

2. Phoenix + Viper​

Phoenix and Viper can work together to block the enemy's view and enter the destination quickly. Phoenix can use the Blaze skill and enter the place without being noticed by the enemy.

Furthermore, Viper can put the Poison Cloud ability which Phoenix can later enter and carry out attacks from there. The combination of these abilities is quite complex. However, this ability is also carried out by beginners by looking at the existing situation.

Although it has a good and promising combination, the ability is enough to sacrifice the economy. Players are required to buy some skills and it is too expensive if forced at the beginning of the game.

3. Phoenix + Omen​

This combo can be considered as an awkward skill combination, but it will be deadly if accompanied by good coordination between players. Omen can emit smoke with the Dark Cover ability which aims to provide entry for his friends.

Then Phoenix will enter the smoke and throw a Curveball when it comes out of the smoke and then attack the blind enemy due to its ability.

Although it looks promising, this ability also has a fairly high risk when done. When Omen emits smoke, the enemy can randomly fire at the smoke that Omen has just released. This can make Phoenix die before he attacks the target.

4. Raze + Breach​

In the Valorant lore, Breach and Raze are known as partners in various activities. Interestingly, the cohesiveness of these two agents in the story can also be combined while in the game.

The combination of skills from these two agents is very possible to make the enemy go from their hiding place. Breach will use the Fault Line to stun the enemy, and then Raze will cast Paint Shells to finish off the enemy.

Like other skill combinations, the abilities of these two agents must also be accompanied by good coordination. If in the end the combination is not done with the right timing, everything will not work out. The enemy will eventually be able to dodge first and go to a safer place.

5. Reyna + Omen​

The combination of skills between Reyna and Omen is good to use when entering the intended place and making the enemy lose their sight. Omen can use Paranoia towards places where the enemy is thought to be hiding.

Then Reyna can use Leer to block the enemy's view from all areas. If this ability is successfully executed, then the visibility of the enemy will be very limited in a large range.

Even so, this combination is not as terrible as other skill combos. To outsmart, this combination can also be added with smoke from Omen to increase effectiveness.


These are some skill combos from Agents that you can try, especially for those of you who have just played Valorant recently. Even though it's easy, everything comes back to whether or not coordination with teammates is good. Without it all, even really easy skill combos won't be executed properly.