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    General How much time do you spend online?

    Bucketloads, lol. Especially during the pandemic I definitely spend at least 60% of the day online.
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    Chance to Win a FREE Copy of Resident Evil Village

    Very generous of you @Nerdface, deffo get on this people!
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    Modem versus Router!

    Interseting, networking has always been my weakpoint so I actually figured they were the same thing but the word you'd use would depend on your location (America vs. Europe, for example).
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    Eating food while playing?

    Yeah I can enjoy eating while I game, so long as the food doesnt have a residue, but sometimes it can kinda be difficult to balance eating and gaming anyway
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    Tech What mobile phone do you use now?

    A Galaxy S7, it's still chugging along just fine but I ordered an Fxtec Pro1 last year because I love physical keyboards. It's still not arrived but the company have estimated August and are even upgrading me to the more recent model, so fair enough I guess lol
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    no u

    no u
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    Cheers dude, It needed 1 or 2 custom bits to work on RG but i think thatll always be the case...

    Cheers dude, It needed 1 or 2 custom bits to work on RG but i think thatll always be the case with 3rd party skins
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    Site News RG Site updates

    Loving the dark theme, well done to everyone involved
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    General Which Forum Site you use more?

    Yeah I've definitely been sold on Xenforo since I started using it in November, I don't see myself using anything else.
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    Music The 'What Are You Listening To' Thread

    Some good old garage house from the dude that composed the Ape Escape soundtrack
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    Kingdom Hearts!

    What a kick in the balls it was to see it being Epic exclusive. I've wanted and pondered why the series wasn't already on PC for years. I'm hoping it will be a 12-month exclusive like a lot of the other games on EGS.