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    What are the two famous games for the N64?

    The most popular N64 games, you mean? Well Super Mario 64 is a no-brainer, and yeah, Mario Kart 64 is a very strong one, as well. Mario Party is a good contender for most popular, and I'd argue Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, as well.
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    Favourite Dress-up Games?

    I don't believe I've ever played a dress up game, I wasn't even aware there were any!
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    Relaxing Games Recommendations?

    There are games like Untitled Goose Game, Flow, Stardew Valley, Wattam, Slime Rancher, etc. Games like that are great for relaxing :)
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    Relaxing Games Recommendations?

    A couple of hours is usually enough.
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    Relaxing Games Recommendations?

    Most definitely! Give the hands a chance to heal :)
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    Relaxing Games Recommendations?

    Yeah, that happens to me on occasion, for sure!
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    Relaxing Games Recommendations?

    Sounds like you need some exploration games like No Man's Sky, Flower, Minecraft, Abzu, or Grow Home.
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    Favourite Civilization Games?

    I have to agree with Civ V, I like VI, but it's not as good as V was, and Beyond Earth was a great concept, but executed poorly. IV was alright, III was amazing, II was what got me started on Civ, and the original Civilization was fun, but severely lacking, so for me V is definitely the best so...
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    Favourite Fantasy Games?

    Basically any of the Legend of Zelda games, they're all great!
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    Favourite Game Shops?

    Amazon,,, Old School Game Vault, Game Over Videogames, JJGames, and so many more!
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    Favourite Game Shops?

    I also buy my games primarily online. I used to shop at GameStop a lot, but that's really tailed off over the years as my understanding of their company practices grew. I really miss Funcoland, a small chain of game stores that GameStop bought out. Funcoland were amazing for games.
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    Violence and Games?

    Sure! Take, for example, shooters -- there's far more than just Call of Duty and Battlefield out there, Splatoon is a fun shooter that's non-violent and kid friendly! Action adventure games -- Sonic, Mario, Kirby, etc. All amazing games, non-violent and fun. RPGs like Pokemon, lots of fun...
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    Violence and Games?

    It's definitely excessive in some games, but you can find a wide variety of games these days, so unless you're looking for a violent game, you can find something out there without violence to suit any need.
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    Favourite War Games?

    Yeah, I'm not a huge war gamer, though I do like games like Civilization that have "war" features. If we're talking Call of Duty type games, then the last one I truly played was Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. If we're including games like Destiny, then that would be mine.
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    Any Games Collectors?

    I have a lot of it in storage, sadly, but there's a decent chunk here in my office with me :)
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