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    Super Mario Kart!

    I've been playing it recently on my RetroN5, I got the Japanese version boxed. It was way cheaper than the PAL version and with this type of game I really don't need to know what the text says. It's hard as nails though compared to the newer Mario Kart games ahaha. I forgot that you get...
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    Sensible Soccer!

    Love playing this on my Amiga CD32! :D
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    Sega Saturn fans?

    Yeah I love the Sega Saturn! I didn't grow up with it, after the Megadrive I got bought a Playstation, but, as I've gotten older I've started getting into the Sega Saturn more. I've actually been playing it quite recently. I've been playing Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Manx TT Superbike, Sega...
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