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    Carmack says Oculus offering to Facebook was 'the right thing for the organization looking back'

    I don't know why they had to go to Facebook in the first place. It's kind of dumb they are making everyone have a Facebook account in order to use the Oculus. I still might get one eventually.
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    Rocket League is the hardest game!

    Everyone will probably have a different answer for what game might be the hardest. It all depends I guess how advanced you want to get at the game.
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    What amount does rocket League cost?

    I got the game as a gift a few years ago on my PS4 so it was free for me but I think it was around $30 at that time (my bro and sis in law got it for me)
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    Sports video games

    Yea I enjoy blowing up the team and rebuilding teams through the draft creating your own dynasty for that team.
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    How much time do you spend online?

    Agreed we all spend way too much time online but its fun hehe. I spend probably 6 hours a day online.
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    Tech What mobile phone do you use now?

    You are just like my brother he loves Apple products. I have a Samsung Galaxy A70 that i got last year.. I have 10 more months to pay off the tab then its mine to own.
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    Eating food while playing?

    Do you like to eat food when your playing video games? I try not to snack on food because I don't want to ruin my controllers but sometimes I'll have chips or candy like licorice when I play games. What food do you have when you play video games?
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    Sports video games

    Do you like playing sports video games? What ones do you enjoy playing? I enjoy playing them all but I'd say the NHL games and MLB the show is definitely my favorite sports games.
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    Tech Do you have a site?

    I have my own forum I just opened up on IPB so I guess that is my website :D
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    I rarely play mobile games (i usually use my tablet for that) right now I'm playing Exploding Kittens and Monopoly when I use my tablet. They are both for mobiles as well.
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    Have Any of you guys ever run a game server?

    That's one reason why I wouldn't want to run my own server because of the trouble people can cause. I would rather be playing the game :D
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    It still can be fun once in awhile but I find the wires always gets in the way. I think it would be much better having a wireless VR head set that gives you more freedom to move. You can have mine if you want lol
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    Same! Although my VR headset for my PS4 is still collecting dust! I'm really wanting the Oculus 2, maybe I'll wait though another year or so whenever the next new VR headset comes out.
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    Are You a Collector?

    You should totally make a youtube video if you haven't done already and show off your consoles and retro games :) I should start collecting more often but usually I try to stay with the current consoles .
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    Hey everyone I'm Spikey! I like to play games (video games and board games) I also like to do many other hobbies especially fitness and playing sports. Happy to be here!
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