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  1. PGen98

    Chance to Win a FREE Copy of Resident Evil Village

    Hey Gamers, @Nerdface from Umbrella Online is giving away a free copy of Resident Evil Village on the platform of your choice! For a chance to enter and win, take a look at the link below!
  2. PGen98

    Microsoft, Other Bidders, In Talks to Acquire Discord In a bid that could top $10billion, Microsoft have launched talks to acquire the gamers' chat platform from its' owners, who...
  3. PGen98

    Sega Saturn fans?

    Did anyone else here get to experience the magic that was the Sega Saturn in its time? I grew up as a Sega fan, starting with my days in the UK with the Mega Drive (a friend had a Master System we played when I was over there, but I really got my footing with the Mega Drive), so when I moved to...
  4. PGen98

    What is Your All Time Favourite Game?

    Think back through your entire gaming history, every game you've played, every campaign you've slogged through, every level you've had to grind for...what one game do you look back on and say "yep, that's the one! That's my all time favourite game!" Which one hits that spot for you? For me I'm...
  5. PGen98

    Are You a Collector?

    Do you collect retro video games, or consider yourself to be a collector of video games? I've been collecting for a number of years at this point and have over 35 consoles and handhelds and roughly 2000 games spread across those consoles and handhelds. I've slowed down considerably on my...
  6. PGen98

    Music The 'What Are You Listening To' Thread

    Every forum needs one, so here's the what are you listening to thread!
  7. PGen98

    Site Poll

    (This thread is exclusively for site polls, please do not respond to this thread or start discussions in this forum)
  8. PGen98

    Rival Gaming Forum Rules

    Rival Gaming Forum Rules and Guidelines Now that you've decided to join us here at Rival Gaming, we do have a few rules and guidelines that we ask you to abide by while you are here. This is in an effort to maintain a pleasant and mature community environment for all involved. First and...
  9. PGen98

    Welcome to Rival Gaming!

    Hello and welcome to Rival Gaming, your new home on the internet for all things eSports and competitive gaming! We here at Rival Gaming want to welcome you to what we hope will be your go-to resource for eSports chat, the latest in eSports news, finding a clan, competitive tournaments...
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