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  1. Michael99

    Reznov good or bad guy!

    Sometimes gaming industry are going to jerk compiling a list of the best heroes and villains of the year. Well, Reznov is seems to be anti-hero, but for the sake of the classification discussion, you'd have to consider him as a hero.
  2. Michael99

    I love to play Bubble Shooter

    Welcome to happy gaming life! Bubble Shooter is one of the best online puzzle type shooting game that we can play anytime and anywhere, even offline (without internet connection). Simply install, hit balls with mind blowing and eye concentration to win. Beat all the challenges and overcome...
  3. Michael99

    Rocket League is the hardest game!

    Good Day! I can't think of such a mainstream video game that has likely to be harder than Rocket League. In short I don't consider those the similar as a video game indeed. But as far by harder, I guess I mean the gaining curve has no full stop since even the best achievements are still learning...
  4. Michael99

    Sneak up on Turret

    Still haven’t figured it out as I'm making my best effort to sneak up them very quietly, but they bombard me no matter what. I think there was missing something.
  5. Michael99

    What is your favorite game system?

    There are so many best gaming consoles in the market of all time among PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X Wii etc. If I would like to buy, which one do you suggest me is the best gaming console overall as far your experience w.r.t price and performance.
  6. Michael99

    Military War Games

    Adventure is my passion, fastest and thrilling games are the one I love most. It enhanced my excitement and ambitions. I have craze for playing military war games, they can easily play on PC, PS4, and XboxOne with the most creative and memorable story. Always looking for super intense especially...
  7. Michael99

    Old Nerd Playing Ancient PC Games

    Hi there gamers! I wish that I could find some old interesting games that could be played either on Win7 or Win10. I am Old Nerd & want to beat every opponent I remember for every shoot or fight.
  8. Michael99

    Season 2 Overview.

    I love how psyonix made that you can pick which team you want to buy which is amazing. Catch up on Season 2:
  9. Michael99

    Is Rocket League moving to Epic Games?

    Sure, Rocket League joined to Epic Games family as free to play high-class with the identical version of game.
  10. Michael99

    Is Days Gone really fail or bad?

    If you discover an open-world game you can see the Days Gone is by far the fragile PS4 console limited to have come out in a while. You don’t consider it as bad, it's just not particularly extreme. It takes inspiration from other horror games, but flops to find its own presence or sense of...
  11. Michael99

    Which one is more popular?

    To be honest Fortnite is better than Roblox . The most general games on Roblox are role playing ones and simulators to entrap young gamers on Roblox and make money off them.
  12. Michael99

    Best sniper in the game.

    It’s an interesting topic to shoot an enemy sniper by shooting straight down their target and hitting them with the eye tracing. I want to share few Best Sniper Games that sure examine your sniping skills.
  13. Michael99

    Do you know What is bad about fortnite?

    Some say Fortnite is too violent, so what parents must to know about Fortnite ... in other words our kids could not only be exposed to bad language and Fortnite and other addictive video games aren't all bad. Here is everything in the video
  14. Michael99

    Did warzone area dispose of quads?

    Numerous COD fans took to their personal social media platforms and voiced their suffering over this replacement done by Infinity Ward as they lose their access on primary game quad mode in Warzone.
  15. Michael99

    Would AMD be able to run Valorant?

    It’s suggested that if you want to play faster Valorant, you will require a minimum CPU as same to an Intel Core i3-370M. Though, the experienced gamers recommend a CPU greater or equal to an Intel Core i3-4150 to full enjoy the game. Moreover, If possible for you, make sure you should have 8 GB...
  16. Michael99

    General Which Forum Site you use more?

    Strange! anyway its your opinion to hate Xenforo as dust in the wind o_O
  17. Michael99

    General Which Forum Site you use more?

    No doubt these are some of the Best forum software Wix, Vanilla, phpBB, MyBB, Bulletin. But I love most Xenforo, which search engines love. It is Simple to operate, easy, mobile-friendly, instant messaging, SEO-friendly, seamless Integration and chat room Included.
  18. Michael99

    Dragon Age 4 will supposedly jettison 'live help' includes and be singleplayer as it were

    It echoes like even BioWare is not sure whatever Dragon Age 4 will look like. According to PC gamers report from Kotaku proposes that Dragon Age 4 was initially going to be reduced than Dragon Age. Fairly it’s much more in player choice, reactivity, depth and followers according to one unknown...
  19. Michael99

    Resident Evil8: Village!

    According to Capcom confirmation that Resident Evil 8 is set to release in the first week of May, 2021. The next chapter will be open in the iconic horror series coming to PS5 and other consoles too.
  20. Michael99

    CSGO has blood!

    It’s very good multiplayer and most popular game CS:GO's launch options but the selection to play CS:GO with low violence '-lv' was impassive a while back.