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  1. Zivinda

    What is the weather condition in your place?

    We just got into the rainy season where I stay. The period when it rains and the weather is always cool. How is the weather situation at your side?
  2. Zivinda

    Edit icon?

    This message is to the admins. Please, check the reason I can't make corrections to posts after I've sent. Maybe it is an error or is it happening to everyone?
  3. Zivinda

    What movie inspires you?

    Watching a movie can be part of the way we get to feel motivated when we are feeling down. The kind of movie that gives you hope when you are down. For me, 3 Idiots is one of the best movies that I've watched so far and I like it. Here is the cover for it
  4. Zivinda

    Forum Credits?

    Hello all, I just noticed that there is a credit section attached to our names. What do we use it for?
  5. Zivinda

    Is this the best Retro games ever?

    Will you say that Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, is the best Retro games ever or do you have an objection to it?
  6. Zivinda

    What's the Most Difficult Video Game you've played?

    What is the most video game that you've played? Which stage of the game was not easy for you to penetrate? I found it difficult playing Skyrim, even when it is a game I should enjoy qql 😔
  7. Zivinda

    What are the best movie scenes from the ones you've watched?

    I am a lover of the Power Series and looking at the everything that happened in the movie, a rare scene where Teriq got angry happen to be one of the best scenes I know. Here it is below
  8. Zivinda

    Favorite App?

    As a mobile device user, you get to have a lot of apps on your phone. Which of them happen to be the best app that you make use of on a daily basis?
  9. Zivinda

    What's your view about love at first sight?

    Being in a relationship can be rewarding when you meet the man or woman that appreciates you in every way. There are people that fall in love at first sight while for others, it takes time. What do you believe in?
  10. Zivinda

    Favorite Cartoon games?

    As a kid, I grew up watching lots of cartoons right from Tom and Jerry and the rest. However, I came to realize that there are games that are based on our childhood cartoons. Have you played any? Share your experience.
  11. Zivinda

    What are the benefits from playing games?

    Playing games have evolved that people now play for a lot of reasons. Some just play games to feel at home while others do for different reasons. To me, playing games have helped me with solving problems, to ease stress and stay happy. Let's hear yours?
  12. Zivinda

    What game are you playing at the moment?

    This could be on mobile, PC or console. Tell us the game that you are currently on and how far you've gone with it.
  13. Zivinda

    Do you buy games because of Reviews?

    Every month, a new game is out there in the market. Some prefer buying games without checking reviews and they feel others. Others want to check reviews. What category do you belong?
  14. Zivinda

    Have you beaten a pro gamer?

    Playing games means that you get to play against those that play for fun likewise others that don't play for fun. Since you began playing, have you had the opportunity to beat a gamer that is a pro and focuses on only playing games?
  15. Zivinda

    Your view about Games bet?

    Betting in sports has dominated a lot of space in the past years with people gambling on matches outcome. However, I have not seen stuff about gaming bets till now. What is your view about it?
  16. Zivinda

    Best Game you have played?

    I am no game reviewer, but I have played a couple of games (Didn't finish some though) such as Tell me Why, Super Mario series and the rest. Candy Crush is my favorite game as I like playing it. Do you have a favorite?
  17. Zivinda

    No Introduction Section?

    Hi, Rival Gaming community. I am new to the forum, but didn't see where to do my introduction. Any guide?