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  1. Zivinda

    Member Milestones

    Just got to 200 posts too and I am very happy about achieving this.
  2. Zivinda

    Ever slept off while gaming?

    Believe it or not, most kids still miss out at school just to play the favorite games that they want to play.
  3. Zivinda

    Have you beaten a pro gamer?

    When it comes to gaming, you have to be very active in order to understand some parts of those games.
  4. Zivinda

    What is number one song in the world?

    When you watch football matches on the TV, you can see female fans too. Gaming is not restricted to men alone 😊
  5. Zivinda

    Can Liverpool win the UCL?

    I want Liverpool to win the trophy. There are chances that they may miss out on the English Premier League since Manchester City is doing everything to win it.
  6. Zivinda

    Play some of your favorite retro games online

    There are people that likes playing old games and care less about how good that those graphics are.
  7. Zivinda

    Do you stream?

    I don't stream, but I have a pal that likes streaming using Twitch. I think people that have enough time uses the platform to watch games.
  8. Zivinda

    Forza Horizon

    I play Forza Horizon and it is a fun game for any gamer that likes playing racing games.
  9. Zivinda

    Valorant is on PC only!

    It is better in PC. I don't even think there is need to have it on consoles since most other games are on consoles. Those that play on PC should see Valorant as PC exclusive.
  10. Zivinda

    Best anti-cheat?

    Having anti-cheat servers is good for the progress of most esports tournaments. It is a way to ensure that cheaters are eliminated from those tournaments.
  11. Zivinda

    Do pro gamers cheat?

    More like ending their avenue to being professional gamers. What I also want to know is whether there are fines for them too?
  12. Zivinda

    How would I become a Fortnite pro?

    No matter what, you've got to keep playing and playing in order to become better at the game. Fortnite needs a lot of practice before you can become a pro.
  13. Zivinda

    Favourite Gaming Devices?

    I haven't played on PlayStation 5 before. I don't know what it looks like playing on it too.
  14. Zivinda

    Favourite PS Consoles?

    I still play more on the PlayStation 2 as it is one of the best consoles that I like. The games on it are also wonderful to play.
  15. Zivinda

    Gaming to relieve Stress and Anxiety?

    Whenever I feel a bit down, I play games to feel relieved. I enjoy playing some games because of the benefits that comes from it too.
  16. Zivinda

    Congratulations Maxwell For Winning Member Of the Month - April

    Big congratulations to @Maxwell for the win. Totally deserved as one of the most active members for last month.
  17. Zivinda

    What is your educational level?

    Thank you so much. I am working on achieving greater things in life too.
  18. Zivinda

    Favourite Gaming Devices?

    I like playing on PlayStation consoles as I have both the PlayStation 2 and 4. Both consoles are good for my gaming experience.
  19. Zivinda

    Does gaming affect your health?

    I will stop playing games at night. Not sleeping at night will always make it very difficult to do better in the morning.
  20. Zivinda

    Are you addicted to gaming?

    I will send you some pictures, if you use the WhatsApp messenger. That is the app that I use for my operations.