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    Lets play popular GTA games accessible on Google Play Store in 2021

    I've played and finished London: 1961, III, Vice City, San Andreas, and IV. I've reached the last level on the original GTA - but could never quite finish it. I didn't enjoy GTA2 or Liberty City Stories, and I've never played Vice City Stories or V.
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    I love to play Bubble Shooter

    You mean to say you haven't played Super Puzzle Bobble? 🧐 I always enjoy playing these types of games as a quick pickup-and-play.. They can get pretty frustrating though since there's an element of luck involved.
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    Donkey Kong!

    I've never really owned any Nintendo consoles until the GameCube, so haven't really played any of the Donkey Kong games.. :eek: ..I do have the SNES roms on my softmodded Wii - who knows when/if I'll have the time to play them though!
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    Is Days Gone really fail or bad?

    I haven't had the opportunity (time) to play it yet, but I know there's plenty of people who do like it.. Someone I met through XF basically paid for a copy of the game for me to play in exchange for being a "technical consultant" on his forums. Unfortunately it never really took off, as he's...
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    What is your favorite game system?

    I'd probably vote for the PlayStation 2.. It was a big step up from the PS1, and despite being less powerful than the N64 I feel that on the whole it had better games (not to mention substantially more). Quite recently I re-bought a PS2 for a bit of nostalgia, and I'm loving it.. :cool: I'm...
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    Gun Controller Games

    Your best bet is if someone is giving away an old CRT (or you happen to already have one).. There's several 'light gun' compatible games on the original PlayStation, with Time Crisis being one of the better experiences. There's also The House of the Dead 2 on Dreamcast which is pretty fun.. but...
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    Are gaming chairs indeed worth it for long sittings?

    As with most things, I guess it depends how much you're willing to spend.. My gaming chair was relatively cheap (less than £100), and whilst it looks the part I can't imagine wanting to sit on it for a lengthy gaming session.
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    Day Of The Tentacle

    I personally preferred Broken Sword, although the fact that it was one of my first experiences with the point-and-click genre might make my opinion slightly biased.. 😝 I have played Day of the Tentacle, the remastered version was given away as part of the monthly PS Plus games in January 2017...
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    What are the trends of esports?

    I must confess, I'm not hugely into eSports.. I don't see the point in watching others play games, that time can be better spent playing the games! I occasionally watch Tiametmarduk play the F1 games, and have enjoyed the two online championships they've held which have featured a few of the...
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    Quarantine is a Paradise for Gamers

    Ha, if only I was so lucky.. I've probably worked for the vast majority of each lockdown period, with only a handful of days "worked from home".. 😒 Nevermind, I'm reducing my working hours after Easter from 60+ p/w to a more respectable 49.. 😅 I might actually get in a bit of gaming time.
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    Yep - I remember owning a basic Pong system that had to be tuned in to the TV.. It had a Slow, Medium, and Fast setting switch for the speed of the ball too.. Fancy! 😆
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    Does it worth buying a Wii in 2021?

    Considering you can pick one up in reasonable condition these days for around £30 or less, of course it is! The controllers are certainly a weak point for me, but there are alternatives. Most games are compatible with a GameCube controller IIRC? 🤔
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    General Need to add Tags option while posting threads

    I'm not overly convinced to be honest, I'm pretty sure that Google doesn't even consider keywords.. Plus it relies either on other users adding tags, manually going through each thread and adding tags yourself, or some kind of automated script adding generalised and possibly less relevant tags.
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    Do you wash hands as often as possible?

    It's something that I'm probably guilty of not doing enough, despite the pandemic (never tested positive though!). I do of course wash my hands before I start preparing any food though, and generally wash them when I've been using any shared equipment and/or doing any kind of manual handling...
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    Few top most Retro Gaming Consoles

    I'm pretty sure there's work on an official Sega Dreamcast Classic too, which will please some people.. 🙂 I still think the American SNES looks weird.. The UK version just looks so much sleeker!
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    Modem versus Router!

    Modems are generally built-in to Routers these days, no need to have separate devices (thankfully).. ..but yes, I do know the difference - I used to work for Plusnet.
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    Tech Touchpad problems!

    1.) Disable the device via Device Manager (devmgmt.msc) 2.) Buy wireless mouse, something like the Logitech M185 is perfectly adequate 3.) Connect wireless mouse, and never look back! Seriously though, laptop touchpads are the work of the devil.. I despise them.
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    Super Mario Bros!

    Yeah, I've read the story behind Super Mario Bros 2 - quite an interesting read for those unfamiliar with it. I thought Lost Levels on Super Mario All-Stars was the Western release of the Japanese Super Mario Bros 2? :unsure:
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    Tekken 3.

    Tekken 2 was my first experience with the series, my uncle brought it over for us to play and we had a bit of a family mini-tournament. It's probably one of the last beat 'em ups where you could get away with button mashing - my mum was way too good with that tactic.. :ROFLMAO: Law was my...
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    GTA VI

    I still haven't played V.. 😬 I know I could look this up on Google before posting and look like less of a tit if I'm wrong, but did I read somewhere that VI was returning in some part to Vice City? That'd be pretty awesome if it's true..