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  1. Nabix

    Does it worth buying a Wii in 2021?

    I wasn't a fan of the wii personally. Didn't like the controller.
  2. Nabix

    Getting children into gaming

    I'm thinking about buying an old Super Nintendo or maybe a N64... Only downside is I will need a av2hdmi adapter every time.
  3. Nabix

    What's Your Highest Rank?

    The highest rank I have gotten in Valorant was Diamond 1. That was right before I took an extended break from it, came back, and now I'm trash.
  4. Nabix

    New Operator "Astra"

    With the latest update and patches comes a new Valorant operator, Astra. I haven't had a chance to play her yet. Still working on Skye lol I added the trailer for her below...
  5. Nabix

    Do you buy skins?

    I may or may not have spent well over $300 on skins in Valorant.... Normally I only buy in game items If I really want to support the developers. With Valorant, I got a little carried away. How much do you all drop in micro trans?
  6. Nabix

    CSGO and Valorant

    Personally, I think CSGO is meeting it's end. Only because of Valorant. A lot of pros have been switching over to Valorant here recently. Although there still is a lot of people still playing CSGO, but their player base isn't what you used to be. It's a great game; gets the blood boiling for me...
  7. Nabix

    Valheim is changing the way we play survival games

    In case you haven't played it yet, Valheim, which sold over 4 million copies in early access is... amazing. lol Survival games life Raft, Stalker, Rust, have always been some of my favorite games. It's nice to just sit down and play without worrying out aim, response time, etc. You play a...
  8. Nabix

    Tactical Chat

    In the latest patch of Valorant. They are introducing 'Tactical Chat'. Which is meant to assist players that "don't know how to use push-to-talk". This new change will enable the character to give automatic callouts like, 'spike spotted' and a general location. I have a feeling this will be...
  9. Nabix

    Still play apex legends!

    It's hard only because I play ranked mainly. With that I always need 3 people and I wont play with randoms. So, I'm kinda bound to only playing when my team mates are on. Which means I don't end up playing as much as I would like too.
  10. Nabix

    Why does Activision do this?

    Every single year a new COD title is announced...Why? Do we really need a new one every year? No. I think it would be best if Activision would simply release a new COD every other year. In the mean time release free DLC. All of this could/would be paid for by in game purchased like COD tokens...
  11. Nabix

    Getting children into gaming

    How did all of you get into gaming? I ask because I have two children who are both under 5. I'm not a fan of parents letting their kids have cell phones, consoles, and tablets at a very early age. I know here in the next few years both of them will be asking for those things. So, I'm wondering...
  12. Nabix

    Is Fortnite getting terrible?

    Can't stand Fortnite. Not my type of game. I prefer either faced-paced shooters like COD or strat shooters like Valorant.
  13. Nabix

    Is League of Legend free?

    League is free in the sense you can play the game. It's very easy to dump money into the characters and skins in that game...
  14. Nabix

    Would you be able to in any case play Valorant?

    I have no idea what you are asking?...