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  1. Zack_puffs

    No Man's Sky - a procedurally produced sandbox space investigation game

    No man's sky seemed like an amazing concept worth exploring, however it's greatest downfall was too much exploration but very little content to keep players occupied with most planets being empty or plain boring after awhile. However they have continued to support the game and have provided so...
  2. Zack_puffs

    Vice City

    I used to remember my uncles and relatives playing this game on our family computer there was something about the free exploration and interesting missions that connected us all, played through almost all missions except the helicopter one which was the toughest challenge I faced back then. This...
  3. Zack_puffs

    Super Mario Kart!

    This game brings back memories back when I had the dsi I played the port for this game which took all the boredom away from me it was great game to play with most it's mechanics implanted in future racing games like the crash and pac man racing games and many more of the like it's a great game...
  4. Zack_puffs

    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

    The link to the past was one of my first games I've ever played with it's action based combat it was a breath of fresh air from turned based games I played back then with different weapons and tools I could use and all the classic dungeons to explore made it one of my most memorable moments and...
  5. Zack_puffs

    Tier system for Rocket League

    The tier systems for rocket League is something close to one of the named ones out there. The tiers are easy to understand and for the best of the best they have a bad ass tier name called Supersonic Legend. Its simple in the sense of its bronze ranks and all etc while going through ranks such...
  6. Zack_puffs

    Genshin Impact!

    Man I love this game I started playing it a while ago and I'm hooked! And the best part is that it's open world AND it's free to play with such amazing character designs and let's not forget about the beautiful soundtrack .. It has enough exploration and dynamic combat to keep me engaged and...
  7. Zack_puffs

    What is Your All Time Favourite Game?

    My all time favourite game is definitely resident evil 4 .This game was way ahead of its time and they haven't been able to make another game like this .But I Have a lot of expectations from resident evil 8's tall lady .Hope she doesn't disappoint us
  8. Zack_puffs

    Assassin's Creed Valhalla

    Totally forgot about this ,thank you for the reminder.Finally me and my friend's have been waiting for this now this is going to make things a lot easier man.Valhalla here I come !
  9. Zack_puffs

    Tekken 3.

    I remember it was 18 years ago when I first got the opportunity to play tekken 3 in an arcade. Heck it was so amazing. I forgot everything in the arcade and stood there playing for 2 hours straight. The first time I felt it as an escape from this world. Gaming in an arcade was a huge privilege...
  10. Zack_puffs

    Getting children into gaming

    I actually did the same for my little brother who's 8, he wanted a nintendo switch but I give him my first nintendo game boy even though he plays some rocket league with me but I thought he isn't at the age to own a flashy console yet. Maybe one day he can have my playstation 4 but like when...
  11. Zack_puffs

    Rank distributions in CS:GO

    Does anyone really know how the tier/rank system works in terms of the CS:GO franchsie. Because all the ranks that I've seen are a whole lot of confusion. This is something to do.with how large the names are. Like as an example what is a Master guardian what level would a player like that be. If...
  12. Zack_puffs

    Use scenarios between Phantom and Vandal

    In the meta of Valorant there is an amazing demand for players that can use assault rifles in the best possible manner and can help maintain tight positions to finish of enemies. There are two hugely popular choices for this class of weapons that are Phantom and Vandal. Phantom is a more of an...
  13. Zack_puffs

    Which sniper to choose in valorant. Marshal or Operator

    In terms one shot kills nothing beats snipers and valorant is no exception as an FPS title. There a re two major snipers in the game. Marshal and Operator. Both of them have their uses and the utilization totally depends on the person and how they are going to implement them. In terms of eco...
  14. Zack_puffs

    How to increase the FPS for valorant

    In terms of FPS titles the frame rates here in valorant matter a lot and if you have to even comprise video quality to gain a little more frames a lot of people can opt for that option as well. To increase the frame rate the settings that you'd have to follow include: Resolution: use your...
  15. Zack_puffs

    Best Molotov spots in split

    In terms of the gameplay firing a Molotov on someoene is a major tactic that can be utilized to send the opponent an AOE or develop a situation in which the opponent goes where you want them. For the split map the best spots for sending a Molotov from include positions from site A such as: Back...
  16. Zack_puffs

    Tier systems in valorant

    From what I've gathered after getting a good grasp from secondary sources is that the system of tiers in the valorant space is divided into a total of 8 major tiers from Iron till Radiant. Iron is the starting which is respectively followed by bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, then...
  17. Zack_puffs

    Ranking up in valorant

    How would one go about trying to rank up as quickly as possible in valorant. The main thing that I've found through a lot of searching is that the overall performance of person playing and the margin by which they win the main thing that they can use to judge how well they rank up in the system...
  18. Zack_puffs

    How do I get more kills Valorant?

    I think the quickest way to increase your kills is by maintaining proper communication to co ordinate with your teammates and by upgrading your weapons.But dude your main focus shouldn't be your kills ,you should try to overall enhance your other skills and practice more .
  19. Zack_puffs

    How do I improve position Valorant?

    You can improve your positioning by Choosing a position where you can gather as much intel on the enemy as possible or you can try relocating your position when you get spotted and the most important part is to position yourself according to how the other teams wants you to play.Hope this helps !
  20. Zack_puffs

    Why is Counter-Strike Global Offensive so mainstream?

    One of the reasons why cs go is so popular is because of how simple the game play is which makes it easier for everyone to play and the constant new updates keep the players comming back for more.