apex legends

  1. Zack_puffs

    Hardest badge to get in Apex

    I believe one of the hardest badge to grind and get is Legend's Wrath: it come sonly when you've dealt 4000 damage in a single match. This one is pretty hard to unlock since getting 4000 damage in a single match isn't everyone's cup of tea by any means. You'd have to be a savage player to be...
  2. Zack_puffs

    New character Fuse coming.

    Has anyone seen the new trailer for the character of Fuse that coming in the new season of Apex legends. This one is really made for the grenade enthusiasts XD. Especially the special ability of his to rain down a mortar that can make a fire encirclement. Its really going to be useful in team...
  3. Zack_puffs

    Which is an S tier Apex character to play

    Well as far as the best you can accomplish from a single character then there are 3 S tiers as far as I'm concerned. They're Lifeline, Pathfinder, and Wraith. They're really good to plays and if you can handle all their kinks then i believe that its these one you should grind to an...
  4. David21

    How long does a round of Apex last?

    It's 30 minutes. A solitary round of Apex Legends can be just about as short as 60 seconds or less, however up to 30 minutes. The deciding variable is the way acceptable of a player you are. In the event that you're the principal individual to be killed, the match will be brief, yet in case...
  5. David21

    What amount of harm does it take to kill apex?

    What amount of harm does punching somebody do in Apex Legends? Punching somebody does 30 harm, which means it requires 4 punches to execute somebody with no defensive layer, 5 punches to slaughter somebody with level 1 reinforcement, 6 punches for level 2 protection, and 7 punches for level 3...
  6. David21

    Is Apex legends cross-play?

    Empower cross-play in Apex Legends and add companions. Apex Legends currently lets you crew up with companions on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and EA Desktop in the cross-play beta. Did you know it?
  7. David21

    Do you know how old is Apex Wraith?

    How old is Apex Wraith? Apex Wraith's age is uncovered to be 27 during the data set admittance by means of Voidwalker Wraith, yet standardly her age is 32, as found in the EA Apex Legends gathering for Apex Wraith.
  8. David21

    What do you know Bloodhound is a male or female?

    Is Bloodhound a young lady? There isn't anything to say that Bloodhound is a Male or Female with the exception of the absence of bosoms on the character. ... So until told something else, Bloodhound is a male.
  9. David21

    Blood off in Apex legends!

    Would you be able to off blood in Apex legends? And keeping in mind that specific online multiplayer games permit players to kill blood splatter from projectile shots, the element isn't accessible in Apex Legends. This implies that players can't kill blood utilizing the Apex Legends settings...
  10. David21

    Is Apex Legends appropriate for a 13-year-old?

    For this gaming type, The ESRB rate Apex Legends is appropriate for those 13 and older with its Teen rating. It has descriptors of Blood and Violence. What do you think?
  11. David21

    The youngest apex character

    Who is the youngest apex character? Who is the most youthful zenith character? If you know that, then write it down... Ages - from most youthful to most seasoned.
  12. David21

    Do Apex legends have blood?

    The game highlights viciousness and blood, in any case, this is enlivened and not excessively violent, nonetheless, there are sure moves inside the game, for example, 'finisher moves' that explicitly execute unprotected adversaries. There are additional choices for synthetic gas assaults that...
  13. David21

    Apex Legends better than Fortnite!

    Is Apex better than Fortnite? Apex Legends has a more grounded center around the real weapons and for the vast majority, the tight first-individual shooter controls enormously exceed the looser third-individual shooting and working of Fortnite. Difficult to take somebody out on the off chance...
  14. David21

    How improve in Apex?

    7 different ways to improve at shooting in Apex: 1. Use preparing mode to work on snapping and barraging. 2. Finding the ideal mouse affectability. 3. Making up for withdraw. 4. Work on shooting while at the same time sliding downhills. 5. Preparing mode isn't all that matters. 6. Putting...
  15. David21

    I am dying so fast in Apex!

    For what reason am I passing on so quickly in Apex? It implies you've done 60 harm and it's accumulating as you are hitting them. Go change the settings and it will act more like a customary game where you see the genuine harm each shot does. perhaps it's association issues. Do you have any...
  16. David21

    Is Apex famous in Japan?

    Summit Legends specifically are as yet pervasive in Japan. In May, when its season 5 update dispatched, Apex's player share leaped to 37.4%, making it the #1 game in Japan's PC market for that month.
  17. David21

    Still play apex legends!

    Statista's details uncover that, as of October 2019, Apex Legends has around 70 million clients. Does anybody still play apex legends? What about you?
  18. David21

    Are Apex legends still well known?

    Notwithstanding the development in players easing back down in the months after the game's underlying delivery, Apex Legends actually flaunted 70 million enrolled clients in October 2019. Do you know this?
  19. David21

    Is Apex legend dead?

    Produce might be gone, at that point, however, Apex Legends is a lot of perfectly healthy, the fight royale shooter now in its fifth season following a colossally effective covertness dispatch in February of a year ago.