counter strike

  1. Zack_puffs

    Rank distributions in CS:GO

    Does anyone really know how the tier/rank system works in terms of the CS:GO franchsie. Because all the ranks that I've seen are a whole lot of confusion. This is something to do.with how large the names are. Like as an example what is a Master guardian what level would a player like that be. If...
  2. Nabix

    CSGO and Valorant

    Personally, I think CSGO is meeting it's end. Only because of Valorant. A lot of pros have been switching over to Valorant here recently. Although there still is a lot of people still playing CSGO, but their player base isn't what you used to be. It's a great game; gets the blood boiling for me...
  3. David21

    How would you tidy up the blood in CSGO?

    The order to clean the blood is r_cleardecals, simply type it in the support to eliminate blood from the guide. Did you know this? or, Have any other way? please explain...
  4. David21

    Can I run CSGO without a graphics card?

    I have to need a good suggestion. Do you have any ideas? Have any suggestions? And recommendations? If possible, please explain ...
  5. David21

    Is CSGO simple to run?

    There is essentially none of any such significant necessities for CSGO. In the event that you have a double center processor, it can likewise easily run CSGO. So don't stress any sort of pc can undoubtedly run a CSGO. SO stay quiet and play CSGO. What is your opinion?
  6. David21

    Will CSGO run on 2GB RAM?

    I run CS: GO on 2GB. ... smash doesn't make any difference however much CPU power for csgo - so on the off chance that you have an i5 or over your fine - if not - quit playing on a toaster oven.
  7. David21

    Does CS go have a single player?

    All the CS games have the alternative to play as a single player (with bots) or multiplayer (on the web/LAN). Counter-Strike: Condition Zero has a story mode (kind of) on the off chance that you are searching for that in single player. ... For what reason is gold nova so not the same as silver...
  8. David21

    How would you cheat in Counter-Strike?

    Cheat Codes Press ~ to enter the support on the worker machine and type sv_cheats 1 or sv_ 1. At that point, change maps by composing change level residue (or some other guide).
  9. David21

    CSGO has blood!

    Does CSGO have blood? A low-brutality form of the game with less blood and hilarious 'passing' movements (your foe stoops down on the ground and lifts his hands, giving up prior to vanishing) was once accessible by composing '- lv' in CS: GO's dispatch alternatives however the choice to play...
  10. David21

    Can you run cs go on your laptop?

    Yes, you can it run easily, If your laptop is perfect to run cs go. What are your laptop conditions? Is your laptop perfect to run cs go? Can you be able to run cs go on your pc? If still, you run it on your laptop, then don't forget to tell us your experience...
  11. David21

    Do you know how many GB is CS GO PC?

    It's 16 GB. Accessible for Steam for Mac, Windows, and Linux, the free form of CS: GO requires approximately 16 GB of hard plate space to introduce the game and get it to begin. Clients can likewise purchase the full form of the game from the Steam store for Rs 459 to move up to a complete...
  12. David21

    Would we be able to play CS go disconnected?

    Valve has delivered a free form of its tremendously famous FPS game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO). The Free Edition allows you to play against bots disconnected and furthermore permits you to tune into major-alliance multiplayer matches in onlooker mode, through GOTV. Is it good or...
  13. David21

    Is CS go alright for an 11-year-old?

    The incentive in this instructs about Good, and Bad. Generally speaking, This game is unquestionably suggested for tweens or more. What do you say about it??
  14. David21

    For what reason do CSGO players peer down?

    It's to lessen the head hitbox size. so it's harder to hit their head. is anything but a huge impact yet it can help. Do you know more?
  15. Zack_puffs

    How to really rank CS: GO

    Well being a impulse buyer for skins and not playing that much of the game for ranks as it stands for now. I was wondering how would i be able to maximize my efficiency to rank when i can only get time for 4-5 games a day due to my job schedule and also wanting to give time to other games that i...
  16. Zack_puffs

    Most expensive skin you've bought

    Well being the pleb that i am at many times the most expensive I've ever spent on any skin in the game was the emperor M4A4 and it was a satisfactory buy for me at $140 but i know its as expensive as I'll ever get. I had to save up for a week for that skin XD. So what's the highest you've for...
  17. Nerdface

    How does it compare with CS: Source?

    I haven't really played any CS games since the original, which I enjoyed but wasn't particularly any good at.. What are the main differences between CS: Source and CS: Go other than the latter being free-to-play?
  18. David21

    How would I download Counter Strike Global Offensive?

    Buying and Installing CS: GO * In the Steam customer goes to Store. * Scroll down and click ADD TO CART close to the Buy Counter-Strike: Global Offensive catch on the presentation. * Click PURCHASE FOR MYSELF. * Select the installment strategy. * Make the installment utilizing the chose...
  19. David21

    Is Counter-Strike Global Offensive free?

    "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive," referred to players as "CS: GO," is currently allowed to-play. Moreover, Valve reported another fight royale game mode known as Danger Zone. ... Players will likewise get a programmed move up to Prime Status for free.
  20. David21

    Why is Counter-Strike Global Offensive so mainstream?

    CS: GO is so mainstream since it offered a lot of things that gamers needed, and different games didn't have. The serious game mode, the expertise required, and simply the game design by and large. Do you play this? If so, then explain it... Why It is so popular?