1. Z

    Zombie Killer is Here!

    I think I should enjoy my great time here at Rival Gaming! And get engaged with your new-looking all things gaming and eSports platform, so get comfortable and dive right on into your forums to chat with the experts here.
  2. Michael99

    Encouragement could help girls to participate in esports

    More women are participating in the sport now rather than in the past. Once a qualified esports athlete EMUHLEET start engagement in events around 2005, she says, she was frequently one of the only females present. She adds more, “Slowly, we’re starting to see all these amazing women putting...
  3. Michael99

    I love watching esports games instead of playing them

    I love watching esports games instead of playing them, it's my own interest. Most people like me, interested in watching traditional professional sports. Because it’s engaging and entertaining. it’s always interesting to watch the suspense compete at their expertise.
  4. Michael99

    The Top Most Esports

    We know that the world of eSports is basically controlled by team-based games. Whereas some single-player matches do exist, such as Starcraft and FIFA, they’re not on the equal pattern as most of the further games out there. Moreover, Fortnite is specifically a single-player game, but you can...
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