1. Michael99

    VALORANT teaser possibly leaks new desert map, agent, or cinematic

    Riot Games is specially working on 3 different maps in the development for VALORANT. May be it’s a dungeon map, a Lava map, or a sewer map and hitting all the challenges. I do hope we can start getting more maps rather than more agents for a while. But I'd enjoy more maps too. Does anybody knows...
  2. David21

    Is there Counterstrafing in Valorant?

    Is there Counterstrafing in Valorant? This subsequent advance is additionally called "ADAD counter strafing," and it's perhaps the best strategy for looking corners in VALORANT. ... You will not have the option to move left and right entirely constantly in a VALORANT, and counter barraging can...
  3. David21

    Would it be advisable for me to point down sights in Valorant?

    Pointing down sight makes you more precise, yet diminishes your fire rate. It's ideal for range yet, in close when one shot could be all you need, keeping yourself investigated gives a superior field of view and a higher discharge rate for when you discover something other than a Sage around...
  4. David21

    Would AMD be able to run Valorant?

    The CPU needed to meet the suggested prerequisites is either an AMD FX-6100 or Intel Core i3-4150 3.5GHz processor. ... Valorant needs an illustrations card that is in any event as amazing as a GeForce 6800 GT/Intel HD Graphics 3000 Desktop combined with Phenom 8750 Triple-Core/Core 2 Duo E8400...
  5. David21

    For what reason is Valorant taking up such a lot of CPU?

    At higher specs, Valorant is for the most part CPU bound on the primary game string. The greatest limiter to FPS on higher specs will be the center clock speed of your CPU. In other words, a 2.7GHZ 32 center processor will perform more terribly than a 4.5Ghz 4 center processor much of the time...
  6. David21

    Is Reyna acceptable Valorant?

    REYNA. There are along these lines, in this way, such countless positive contentions and things to be said about Reyna's latent capacity and toolset, but at the same time she's a 'one extreme or another' specialist, and that implies she's just pretty much as great as the player controlling her...
  7. Zack_puffs

    Use scenarios between Phantom and Vandal

    In the meta of Valorant there is an amazing demand for players that can use assault rifles in the best possible manner and can help maintain tight positions to finish of enemies. There are two hugely popular choices for this class of weapons that are Phantom and Vandal. Phantom is a more of an...
  8. Zack_puffs

    Which sniper to choose in valorant. Marshal or Operator

    In terms one shot kills nothing beats snipers and valorant is no exception as an FPS title. There a re two major snipers in the game. Marshal and Operator. Both of them have their uses and the utilization totally depends on the person and how they are going to implement them. In terms of eco...
  9. Zack_puffs

    How to increase the FPS for valorant

    In terms of FPS titles the frame rates here in valorant matter a lot and if you have to even comprise video quality to gain a little more frames a lot of people can opt for that option as well. To increase the frame rate the settings that you'd have to follow include: Resolution: use your...
  10. Zack_puffs

    Best Molotov spots in split

    In terms of the gameplay firing a Molotov on someoene is a major tactic that can be utilized to send the opponent an AOE or develop a situation in which the opponent goes where you want them. For the split map the best spots for sending a Molotov from include positions from site A such as: Back...
  11. Zack_puffs

    Tier systems in valorant

    From what I've gathered after getting a good grasp from secondary sources is that the system of tiers in the valorant space is divided into a total of 8 major tiers from Iron till Radiant. Iron is the starting which is respectively followed by bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, then...
  12. Zack_puffs

    Ranking up in valorant

    How would one go about trying to rank up as quickly as possible in valorant. The main thing that I've found through a lot of searching is that the overall performance of person playing and the margin by which they win the main thing that they can use to judge how well they rank up in the system...
  13. David21

    How do I improve position Valorant?

    How do I improve position Valorant? I want to do better in Valorant, I want to improve my positions. Do you have any suggestions? Have any good ideas? How do I improve my position? Recommendations?
  14. David21

    Would it be advisable for you to crouch shoot in Valorant?

    Crouch gives you a lot more noteworthy power over the weapon, making it simpler to discharge a more extended arrangement. Shooting while in a hunkering position is particularly significant for weapons with colossal shot spread, like Stinger, Vandal, and Ares. Should you crouch shoot in Valorant?
  15. Nabix

    What's Your Highest Rank?

    The highest rank I have gotten in Valorant was Diamond 1. That was right before I took an extended break from it, came back, and now I'm trash.
  16. David21

    How do I get more kills Valorant?

    Can anybody help me? I want to get more kills Valorant. How would I get more kills Valorant? How possible it is? Do you have any suggestions? or, any recommendations?
  17. David21

    Is Valorant more CPU or GPU?

    At higher specs, Valorant is for the most part CPU bound on the fundamental game string. The greatest limiter to FPS on higher specs will be the center clock speed of your CPU. ... GPU is just one factor of your presentation and having an amazing GPU alone won't really promise you a higher...
  18. David21

    Does FPS matter in Valorant?

    Edge rate, or edges each second (FPS), in shooting match-ups like VALORANT is a significant boundary to help you see foes all the more rapidly and precisely, expanding your odds of winning exchange or handling that headshot and, all in all, giving a smoother game encounter. What do you think?
  19. David21

    Is Valorant fledgling cordial?

    Valorant can be an unpredictable game, yet a few Agents are extremely useful for fledglings to gain proficiency with the FPS. ... Fortunately, Valorant has a huge pool of Agents that will just get bigger. There are Agents accessible for novices. They are not difficult to get familiar with the...