Is Rocket League your favorite game?


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Feb 14, 2021
Is Rocket League your favorite game?

Do you play Rocket League regularly?
When do you usually play it?
Do you like Rocket League?

If so, then why?


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Mar 5, 2021
I have played a lot of games but Rocket League is by far my favorite game ever.
I understood a few intentions why I like it so much.

1-- Reliance on yourself: We generally scope higher ranks is depend on our own engagement.

2-- Laidback: It’s the game where I can listen to music and play like it’s normal.

3—Communication: Usually in Rocket League we really don’t need that much communication as in other games like Overwatch, CSGO, Siege, etc.

4-- Teamwork satisfaction: In other many games you’re just dependent on your teammates getting fights or doing their own tasks in contribution to the team. Though with Rocket League you exactly need your teammates to set you up for a goal, or vice versa.

5-- Competition: This game is one of the most competitive games.

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