Kung-fu brawler Sifu looks too cool will be out on PC this fall


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Feb 14, 2021
The films Oldboy and The Raid ring a bell as the most evident recent(ish) reference focuses on Sifu, a kung-fu brawler reported during a PlayStation stream today. The foul corridor in the trailer above looks pretty recognizable, for instance. What's truly energizing, however, isn't only that Sifu is suggestive of some cool motion pictures, yet that the designer behind it is exceptional to nail the material.

Sifu is the following game from Sloclap, the studio behind under-adored battling game Absolver. There are plenty of ways Absolver is acceptable, yet to me, its best element is the capacity to redo your battling style, blending and coordinating moves to plan your own perplexing musicality. As an aficionado of the 1978 Jackie Chan film Drunken Master, I spent quite a while building up my abilities with Absolver's cumbersome-looking Stagger-style moves and had some good times testing my capacities against different players as I did exploring different avenues regarding movements against AI contenders.

Dissimilar to Absolver, Sifu doesn't seem to have a PvP component—it may, however, Sloclap hasn't referenced one, so I'll need to inquire. The focal point of the trailer is all on the single-player story, which appears to have a roguelike construction of sorts. The reason is that we've spent our lives preparing to render retribution on the professional killers who killed our family, yet need to do it in a solitary day.

"To defeat the chances that are vigorously stacked against you, you'll need to depend on your dominance of Kung Fu, and on a supernatural pendant that will resuscitate you after death," peruses a depiction of the game shipped off PC Gamer. "The expense of enchantment is cherished, nonetheless, and you will age fundamentally every opportunity you return to life: time is the value you will pay for your retribution."