May Member of the Month!


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Jan 24, 2022
Rivalgaming Member Of The Month For May!

Submit your nominations for members you think are deserving to get member of the month. Summit your nominations by this thread or send a private message to an administrator.
The Member of the Month will be recognized for their contributions for the month of May..
All quality members must be received by May 25th to be eligible for the vote. After this date voting will begin.

The rules:
Every member gets a couple nominations.
You can't nominate yourself.
Staff members can't be nominated.
You won't be eligible for nomination after winning the award for 3 months.
Anyone found making multiple accounts will not only disqualified but will face a site ban.

The prize:
1) You will get a badge.
2) You will be interviewed and the thread will be pinned.
3) You will have your name tagged on the following member of the month nomination threads. Also, you have will a thread posted in the announcements board pinned for the following month after you win for people to ask questions and compliment you.
Ex. Congrats that you won! You are a great person to have on Rival Gaming!
4) You get to choose a game of your choice. Limit of $30.

Previous winners:

February Member Of The Month Winners:
@Ja sa bong

March Member Of The Month Winner:
@Prof elohstar

April Member Of The Month Winner: