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Rivalgaming Member of the Month

Every month a member that has has contributed to Rival Gaming in a huge way and that has made a positive contribution will be selected by vote to become member of the month. This can be by making good articles, making good threads, making good posts or contributing frequently - just to name a few things.
The Member of the Month will be recognized for their contributions for the previous month.
You have until the 25th to send your nominations in by private message to an administrator or by the dedicated thread posted for the current month. A poll then will posted where you will be able to vote on the member who you think is deserving.

The rules:
Every member gets a couple nominations.
You can't nominate yourself.
Staff members can't be nominated.

The prize:
1) You will get a badge.
2) You will be interviewed and the thread will be pinned.
3) You will have your name tagged on the following member of the month nomination threads. Also, you have will a thread posted in the announcements board pinned for the following month after you win for people to ask questions and compliment you.
Ex. Congrats that you won! You are a great person to have on Rival Gaming!
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