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We here at Rival Gaming want to welcome you to what we hope will be your go-to resource for eSports chat, the latest in eSports news, finding a clan, competitive tournaments, streaming discussion, strategy planning, general gaming discussion and so much more! We hope you will find our community a useful resource as you endeavour to become the ultimate gamer! We are working hard to ensure that we keep a respectable and well-rounded community so that we can keep vibrant gaming discussion alive. Whatever you're looking for, we hope to cater to that need and provide you the perfect experience along the way. Looking for a place to just talk? Have a glimpse at our forums! Want to watch the latest eSports streams or watch one of our featured streamers doing their thing? Head over to our Streams section! Whatever your pleasure, you'll find it here at Rival Gaming!

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In an effort to cultivate a community of mature and respectful gamers, we do ask that you be 18 years or older before joining.
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